Q & A

Here some common questions I get asked in relation to Crystal Palace and football in general. All answers are based on ‘my time’ as a Palace fan.

When did you start supporting Crystal Palace and why?
My older brother is a Palace fan and as a child I was closest to him so it was natural I’d also support Palace. Other people in my family support Chelsea and my dad was a Fulham fan.

My first memory of actually supporting Palace is from 1977-78 season when I watched a game on TV and I remember liking the colours we played in, which was the Umbro sash kit.

When did you go to your first Crystal Palace game?
It was January 1981 when we played Stoke City and the game ended 1-1. My another brother took me to see the game and it was my fourth ever football game. He was a Chelsea fan and had taken me to Stamford Bridge three times and failed to convert me.

I was 10 at the time and we stood on the mud bank that used to be the Whitehorse Lane Terrace but had just been ripped up for Sainsbury’s to be built.

When did you go to your first ever football match?
It was August 1979 when Chelsea played Everton and won 1-0. I remember the game so well because the fans were singing “You’re going home in a London ambulance’ and it stuck with me.

I was 9 at the time and my brother was 18, He’d just joined the army so was due to start his training at Woolwich. My second game was Chelsea v Norwich City followed by Chelsea v New York Cosmos.

My older brother who supported Palace had joined the army two years before and was stationed in Germany so that was why I was under pressure to convert to Chelsea.

Who is your favourite ever Crystal Palace player?
I would have to say it is Andy Gray, which I am torn about. The reason is that though I think he was a fantastic player and he is someone I wanted to play like there is a cloud with regards to how he left us in 1988 but he completely redeemed himself when he returned.

In my opinion he was a better player than Geoff Thomas and didn’t get the recognition he deserved in our team that finished 3rd.

Andy Gray v Nottingham Forest in January 1987

What is your favourite Palace kit?
Like most people I have a love for the ‘sash’ kit, in particular the Admiral version. however, my favourite kit would have to be the 1984 ‘Red Rose’ striped kit.

When it comes to away kits I would have to say the 1979 away kit is my favourite. People who say out FA Cup Final replay kit did have Palace colours were completely wrong.

In the picture below you can see Vince Hilaire in the yellow and black kit which I think is my favourite.