So who am I? I’m someone who was born and raised in south London but moved to Sweden after a little over thirty years living life in the best city in the world.

Why did I leave London if it is so good? A lot of people leave London for other towns or cities in the United Kingdom for a better quality of life. I just happened to move to another country for the same reasons.

I also go in to more details about me, as a person, in the section called ‘My Expat Life’, which you can find a link to in the menu above.

About This Site and Media Content

This website, podcasts and vodcasts are all produced by myself, just for the fun of it. I will never feature adverts, click bait, spam, troll or start false rumours in order to generate clicks or page reads.

In fact, I try not to write articles about things that might happen, could happen or that won’t happen because there are enough websites out there (I’m looking at you Croydon Advertiser) who do enough of that as it is.

All feedback is welcome!

Crystal Palace Background

The first time I went to see Crystal Palace play was at Selhurst Park in January 1981. It was a cold winter’s afternoon with Stoke City the visitors and we drew 1-1.

From 1983 onwards I began going to games on a fairly regular basis which escalated in 1986 when I began working so I could start going to away games too, besides the London ones.

During the time I was at school I trained a few times with the youth team which had Jason Cundy playing for it. I also happened to go to the same primary and high school as he did so we played in the same school teams too.

For 2 seasons between 1987-1989 I managed to see every game home and away. I was a regular on ‘Coach 2’ which was stewarded by Robbie Tobin, who I’m sure many of you will know?

In addition to this I used to go and watch the Palace reserves play at Tooting & Mitcham. It was more interesting in those days because a lot of first team players would play to keep their fitness levels up if they were not involved in first team games. Back then there was one 1 substitute unlike how things are today.

I was also a founding member of Lifeline, a season ticket holder, played for the supporter’s team in 1989/90 and along with other supporter’s team players I was interviewed by Danny Baker at the training ground for the 6 o’clock show after that 9-0 defeat.

It was from the start of the 1993/94 season that my opportunities to go to games diminished because the job I had at the time. I was a train driver and in 1993 I finished the driver training so I had to go into a normal shift rota and that meant I had to work most Saturdays.

I still went to games whenever I could but the reality of being an adult took in a job that saw me work shifts and bank holidays took me away from the community and people I felt at home with. My Crystal Palace family.